Japanese-Western style room, Half outdoor bath, Room meals.There are innovative places to come true.



Inn WATCHING Yufu, Welcome to KANPUTEI,

Mt Yufu, also known as Bungo Fuji, located in the foot of Yufuin Town, you can see Mt Yufu at any location in the town.
You can see Mt Yufu from the guest room and courtyard at this facility, cherry blossom in spring, star in summer, autumn leaves in autumn,
In the winter, we will entertain us with snow scenery and various landscapes every season.
Because it is only 6 rooms with spacious accommodation, we are patronizing you as a peaceful and relaxing inn.
Please enjoy this evening with a moment in Yufuin where the fragrance and taste of the four seasons full of tones.


Information on reservation reception hours

  • Notice of change of reservation reception time

    Currently, with the nationwide travel support,
    We are getting a lot of reservations and inquiries.
    To secure time for administrative procedures
    For the time being, we will change the reservation reception time as follows.
    From 8:00 to 22:00 before change

    After change 10:00 to 20:00
    We apologize for the inconvenience.
    Thank you for your understanding.

    As of 2022.10.20

About national travel support

  • About national travel support (the second new Oita travel discount) period extension

    Nationwide travel support (new Oita travel discount 2nd)
    It has been extended from 2022/12/20 to 12/27.

    If you have already made a reservation and would like to apply, we apologize for the inconvenience,
    Please let us know by phone that you would like to apply for nationwide travel support.

    ※It is undecided about the national travel support in the new year.

    As of 2022/11/27
  • About nationwide travel support for new reservations (new Oita travel discount 2nd)

    Applicable period From 2022/10/11 to 12/20
    Applicable condition
    ① Resident in Japan(ID required)
    (2) A certificate of completion of 3 doses of the corona vaccine or a negative result notification is required.

    Reservation method
    【Official website】
    When making a reservation, select the payment method "local payment",
    In the remarks column, please write "National travel support application request".
    【Telephone reservation】
    When making a reservation, please inquire that you would like to apply for nationwide travel support.

    As of 2022/10/11
  • About application of national travel support (new Oita travel discount 2nd) for existing reservations

    Nationwide travel support (2nd new Oita travel discount) is not automatically applied.
    Customers who have already made a reservation and meet the applicable conditions,
    Customers who wish to apply

    【Official website】
    Please contact us by phone and ask for "National travel support application request".
    【Telephone reservation】
    Please contact us by phone and ask for "National travel support application request".
    【Internet reservation site】
    Since the application schedule via the Internet reservation site is different for each company
    If you wish to apply, please contact each reservation site.

    As of 2022/10/11

Tabibiyori-Club customers of Tabibiyori-Club

  • Recruiting New Gloria Resort Group e-mail magazine members!

    Exclusive plan for Tabibiyori-Club members,
    New Gloria Resort Groups deals by email
    We deliver!

    Please register from the QR Code.

    As of July 16, 2022

Information on smoking cessation

  • All rooms will be non-smoking from February 2022

    In response to the recent increase in health consciousness
    All rooms will be smoke-free.

    Hell,Thank you for your understanding,
    Thank you for your continued patronage.

    ※Smoking areas are available at the footbath (Azumaya) in the parking lot.

Accommodation report is being delivered!

  • Accommodation report is being delivered!

    We have received an accommodation report from the guest who stayed, so it is being delivered!
    An official YouTube channel will be launched soon!
    I would like to continue to disseminate the charm of IYASHI no SATO KANPUTEI


    We look forward to your contributions!

    Thank you for your permission to publish, Mr. Nitantan.


Google Map

Hotel Name



1065-2 Kawakami, Yufuin Town, Yufu City, Oita Prefecture

Telephone number



It is 7 minutes by car from Yufuin IC.15 minutes on foot from Yufuin Station
Go to the traffic access page

KANPUTEI Three Attractions

  • All rooms have Japanese + Western room, half outdoor bath

    The hotel has 6 quiet accommodation in all.The sum between 2 + Western-style room with a natural outdoor hot outdoor bath.
    Mt Yufu can be seen from guest rooms and baths.
    You can also close the electronic shutter to take an inner bath.
  • Popular room meal plan

    Nagaya Style hotel, Yufuin accepts a few meals plan.We are well received by customers who want to spend an anniversary with two people and their families with children.
  • Flat design with few undulations

    Because we are reducing steps as much as possible within the facility, it is easy to move even for elderly people.Because guest room is equipped with semi open-air bath, if it is room plan, you can go without movement.

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